Disc contents (HardDisc4 May 2020 for RISC OS 5.26)

The disc image includes the following applications:
!Boot-the startup instructions, which can be reconfigured so that subsequent startups contain your personal desktop settings. This is based on the 'standard' RISC OS 5 boot structure with a few extra modules required by some applications.
From the directory '!Boot.Resources.!System.310.Modules':
BasicEdit1.07 (01-Aug-2015)This is a simple editor, invoked by the 'EDIT' command from within BASIC.
From the icon 'Apps':
!CloseUp3.19 (13-Jul-2015)On standard HardDisc4 image. Magnifies a part of the screen.
!Maestro2.13 (01-Jun-2019)On standard HardDisc4 image. Edit and play music.
!Omni2.32 (16-Mar-2020)Provides a user interface to network protocols.
!Printers1.89 (28-Feb-2018)On standard HardDisc4 image. Allows printing to a PDF.
!SciCalc0.90 (04-Apr-2020)On standard HardDisc4 image. A calculator.
!Squash0.57 (26-Jun-2018)On standard HardDisc4 image. A file squashing programme.
From the directory 'Diversions':
!Blocks-On standard HardDisc4 image. A 'Tetris'-style game.
!Flasher1.10 (19-Sep-2015)On standard HardDisc4 image. Flashes the cursor.
!Hopper1.05 (23-Dec-2014)On standard HardDisc4 image. Frogger game.
!Madness-On standard HardDisc4 image. What it says!
!MemNow0.08 (19-Jan-2020)On standard HardDisc4 image. Displays free memory.
!Meteors0.22 (24-Feb-2014)On standard HardDisc4 image. A game.
!MineHunt1.18 (15-Jul-2013)On standard HardDisc4 image. A game.
!Patience0.76 (24-Feb-2018)On standard HardDisc4 image. A card game.
From the directory 'Utilities'
!ChangeFSI1.63 (16-Nov-2018)On standard HardDisc4 image. Allows colour space of images to be altered.
!Patch1.38 (29-Mar-2015)A patch utility.
!SparkFS1.44 (08-Feb-2016)On standard HardDisc4 image. A read-only file decompression utility.
!T1ToFont1.37 (11-Aug-2018)On standard HardDisc4 image.
!Usage1.04 (18-Sep-2015)Shows memory and task usage,
From the directory 'Utilities.Caution':
!HForm2.75 (09-Dec-2017)On standard HardDisc4 image. Use with caution.
Enhancements and fixes
The following modules or components in the HardDisc4 have been updated in 5.26. Click here to go back to the home page.
ARMBEThe original ARM BASIC Editor, 32 bit compatible, called up from BASIC using the 'EDIT' keyword.
!BootUpdated monitor definitions, and removed some duplicates.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Import of skeleton RO400Hook for RISC OS 4.0x.
Improved reliability of reading the mimemap.
Added RO310Hook, RO350Hook, RO360Hook, RO370Hook for RISC OS 3.
Improvements and optimisations to all of the boot obey scripts.
Integrated with theme loader (ThemeDefs) rather than piecemeal duplicated loading of sprites.
Removed use of internal command VIDCBandwidthLimit on RISC OS 5.
Added boot progress indicator for those ROMs using the BootFX progress bar.
Included softloading versions of the Window manager for pre RISC OS 5.
Fix for incorrect memory allocation using AddToRMA.
!SystemNow takes the rôle of the former unplug toolbox utility, and to load the C library where needed.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Boot pluginFix for operation in low resolution modes where the scroll box would become detatched.
Now uses 'RISCOS' to demark sections to merge.
Fix for null pointer dereference.
ChangeFSICan now process 'new' format sprites, eg. 180dpi, reliably and in the correct palette.
Added interactive help (via !Help) for the main dialogues.
Minor fix to allow the application to run on RISC OS 3.60, and for StrongARM on RISC OS 3.70 and later.
Minor buffer overrun fix in the filename template.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Filer pluginAdds a scroll bar if the screen mode is too small to fit the dialogue.
HFormAdded support for formatting SD memory cards.
A number of fixes for malformed disc layouts.
Soak testing now works in 'long' mode.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Internet resourcesMany extra entries added to the mimemap.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Keyboard setupCan now control the numlock LED where the corresponding kernel option exists.
Mouse setupAdds a scroll bar if the screen mode is too small to fit the dialogue.
MadnessAfter a long absence, the !Madness diversion has been added.
MaestroBreve, semibreve, minim rests made easier to distinguish.
Two new example scores added.
Some minor internal code refactoring.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Fix for internal error 2200 on quitting with an unsaved score.
NetIA softloading version of the Econet-over-IP module.
Network setupSupports the new options for DHCPExecute in the DHCP module.
More reliable shutdown and restart on changing settings.
Added icons for alternative themes.
OmniClientNow saves its choices in the choices directory, rather than inside the application structure.
Printer ManagerFix for overwriting the filename when a USB printer is manually changed to print to file mode.
Added icons for alternative themes.
Simplified loading of RemotePrinterSupport.
Pin setupCan now select from backdrops relevant to the current desktop theme, including when randomised.
Adds a scroll bar if the screen mode is too small to fit the dialogue.
Screen setupHourglass now enabled when scanning large numbers of monitor definitions.
If no screensaver is set then adjustclicking on 'Cancel' now correctly restores the DPMS saver as the default.
Internationalised the screensaver blank times.
When trying out a screen mode, if happy with the choice, the plugin no longer goes back to the original mode.
Adds a scroll bar if the screen mode is too small to fit the dialogue.
Sound setupAdjust volume slider min/max values to match range supported by hardware (requires SoundCtrl 1.01 or later).
Scrolling screensaverNow opens its settings plugin correctly.
Read choices from the choices directory.
SciCalcAdds a setup choices dialogue.
Calculator display now uses outline fonts.
Buttons have recessed equivalents to show movement when clicked.
Optionally enlarge/shrink to scientific/simple mode.
Intermediate calculation steps shown.
Extended !Help information.
Split out DEG/RAD/GRAD BIN/OCT/HEX/DEC buttons.
SciCalc uses a comma (or other local decimal separator) in some locales, as defined by Territory_ReadSymbols. This was being used in calculations as well as the display strings, leading to errors.
ThemeDefsThis new resource (replacing the !+Resource module) is a container for the various disc based themes that can be loaded in place of the default ROM one. It handles overriding all of the visual aspects of the desktop.
The currently known themes are one of 'Ursula', 'Morris4', 'Iyonix', 'Raspberry', 'Sovereign', the RISC OS 5.20 ROM will select the appropriate one for your platform.
At present there is no front end for the theme loader, you can manually change the theme by added an obey file called  !Boot.Choices.PreDesk.ThemeSetup and place a single line in it  Set Wimp$IconTheme Raspberry. which would select the 'Raspberry' theme on the next reboot. Note the trailing dot is required.
To speed up the boot sequence, the loader can be disabled using the ThemeSetup file with a single line  Set ThemeDefs$Disabled 1 instead.
Time pluginThis new configure plugin allows you to set the time and date, or instruct the computer to do so from the network via the NetTime module.
It is also where the computer's timezone and daylight saving is configured.
Unicode resourcesAdded Aliases file, courtesy of John-Mark Bell.
Added icons for alternative themes.
UsageAfter a long absence, the !Usage utility has been added.
Usage displays a bar chart showing the relative processor loads of the desktop applications running.
Admin or minorThe following modules or components were updated for adminitrative or minor reasons relating to the way RISC OS source code is managed, but didn't result in any headline changes
BuildSys; HdrSrc - build environment definitions
Modules; Library - tools used to compile the source code
FontPrint; Patch; ShowScrap; Squash; CloseUp; PrintDefs; PrintEdit; T1ToFont; Scrap; Font resources - added icons for alternative themes
MineHunt - minor makefile changes
Patience - read choices from the choices directory
Configure main; Help plugin - resource and build fixes
Paint; Draw; Edit; Help - included for RISC OS 3.50
Configure - maintenance on old version when the boot sequence is used with RISC OS 3
NetTime - extended programmer's API
Installer - null pointer fix
Env; Export - build environment definitions
DragAnObj; FilerAct; FrontEnd; LoadWimp; Free; ShellCLI; Switcher; TaskWindow; Wimp; ADFS; ADFSFiler; CDFS; FileCore; FileSwitch; DOSFS; RAMFS; SCSIFS; ATAPI; CDFSDriver; DeviceFS; DMA; EtherK; EtherUSB; Freeway; FPASC; IIC; Joystick; Parallel; Podule; Portable; SCSIDriver; SCSISoftUSB; Sound0; Sound1; Sound2; USB; MsgTrans; Net; Territory Manager; Kernel; DHCP; LanManFS; ColourTrans; Screen blanker; SpriteExtend; Screen modes; Font Manager; BASICTrans; RTSupport; Squash; Desktop; NetPrint; SDFS; PCI; VCHIQ; ScreenFX - components from the ROM presently usually for their header files or for softloading copies to supplement the main OS ROM
AsmUtils; Prism Lib; zlib; Configure Lib; PlainArgv; RISC_OSLib; Desk; Toolbox; TCPIPLibs; Unicode - supporting libraries