RISC OS, GPS and Pico on show at Wakefield 2017

Machines at the show

A Witty Pi 2/Pi model A+/GPS module/OLED module/PaPiRus Zero display sandwich connected to a monitor showing power control of a Pi and tracking GPS position shown on RiscOSM 1.42
An 800x480 touchscreen driven by a Pi Zero using a Pico build ROM with buttons and LEDs running a fruit machine programme.

Using GPS with RISC OS

Archive Magazine 24:2 (October 2016) included an article on 'Using GPS with RISC OS' showing !SatNav working with RiscOSM. Since then I have improved the message communication with RiscOSM, interfaced to an OLED display and an electronic ink display and included a Witty Pi 2. The computer now turns on and off to maximise battery life, leaving an active display despite power being switched off. An example of it working can be seen below:

After switching off it now displays the time it turned off, the time it will come back on, the last grid reference (with SVR milepost mileage if appropriate) and the odometer readings.

The PaPiRus display is connected so that it does not affect the serial port pins 8 and 10, as shown below:

I will also have a touchscreen Pico with a full set of buttons and indicator lamps for my fruit machine application, running a 'Welcome' programme.