RISC OS on the PandaBoard ES (and ARMiniX)

Official support for RISC OS on the PandaBoard ES is provided through R-Comp's 'PandaLand' scheme. The latest ROM update 'OS8' was issued on 15th Feb 2015 and contains the ROM image for RISC OS 5.21 dated 14th Feb 2015 and a further ROM update was issued on 1 May 2015 containing the ROM image for RISC OS 5.22 dated 8th April 2015. The latest disc image update is Super pack 7b released on 22 October 2014. CMOS settings are best provided using a simple and inexpensive hardware widget. However a settings file 'cmos' will otherwise be used if present on the SD card with the RISC OS ROM image. This file may be deleted if you have the widget. No on-board real time clock is fitted. The disc software is being updated regularly and extra software is available such as 'AcornMode' (to run older games), 'AemulorPro' (to allow Impression Publisher etc. to run), 'CPUTMon' (to monitor CPU temperature) and 'PlingStore' (to download selected software).

The standard set-up for PandaBoard ES is for the boot disc to be a RISC-OS-formatted pen drive. The standard 'boot disc' image is available from RISC OS Open Ltd. Firmware for the SD card is available from the pandaboard.org web site, only the 'uenv.txt' file needs to be edited to load RISC OS (and CMOS settings if no widget is fitted) and a RISC OS ROM image added.

Further development of RISC OS continues but the 14th Feb 2015 ROM image, version 5.21, is the latest ROM image to be checked and validated for the PandaBoard ES. Alpha development ROMs are built daily with improvements, fixes and the inevitable occasional bugs and broken features as development proceeds. These alpha images are available for those who know what to do without help.

Known issues with the 14th Feb 2015 ROM build: