RISC OS on the Iyonix

Official support for RISC OS on the Iyonix is for the latest 5.16 ROM (dated 23rd Jan 2010) or 5.18 ROM (dated 24th Feb 2012) or 5.20 ROM (dated 9th July 2013).

The standard set-up for the Iyonix is for the boot disc to be a RISC-OS-formatted hard disc. The standard 'boot disc' image is available from RISC OS Open Ltd. The ROM image is flash-programmed or soft-loaded.

Further development of RISC OS continues but the 9th July 2013 ROM image, version 5.20, is the latest ROM image to be checked and validated for the Iyonix. Alpha development ROMs are built daily with improvements, fixes and the inevitable occasional bugs and broken features as development proceeds. These alpha images are available for those who know what to do without help. Since 9th July 2012 there have been numerous developments including work on GraphicsV.

Known issues with the 9th July 2013 ROM build: