Further enhancements
1 Not clear how wrong road moves on Good Lines are signalled.
Hence none are provided for.
2 Permissive block on Goods Lines not yet implemented.
Otherwise use of block bells on Goods Lines to describe trains is implemented, TES and TOS not being used.
3 Add hard spaces to lever leads.
Avoids having TO UP & DOWN MAIN all on different lines on lever lead.
4Gen291 Corrections to EW 1970/1959 not yet done.
5 KR to be made smooth curves.
This will take a lot of work and is not high priority.
6SigBox340'Down train ready to depart' annunciator.
This will replace the telephone call 'Down train ready for departure' with a buzzer and a light identifying P1/P3/P4/P5/P6.
7SigBox340Telephone concentrator.
All telephone calls will light a lamp and wait for a click to open a window with 'telephone message'.
8SigBox300Cannot close mech. lkg. table or ECT windows.
This must be something simple...
9Gen291 Remove second BB and AF t.c. at KR.
10SigBox292Initial simulation speed value is wrong.
11 Add S.R./special bell codes 141 341 15 124 72 51 234 232 224.
This may be a little tricky to implement, especially the special bell codes, however 2-3-2 is partially implemented.
For now just BR (WR) bell codes apply.
12Gen38ZE Add detonator placer, treat as red signal both ways, show on diagram.
At present detonator placers can only be identified from the lever lead and it is not clear where they are located!
13 Add limit of shunt board and remove fudge.
Shunts are stopped at no. 3 signal at EW but no symbol on diagram.
14 Add white stripe to levers, and black stripe for relief line.
15Gen400Footnotes require engines going onto shed normally to use the turntable road.
At present all engines coming off shed also use the turntable road.
Engines coming off shed should use the shed road.
16 Provide pilot engine for sundry shunting?
At present only train engines are available.
Principal problem is that certain trains arrive in the Goods Sidings and then 'vanish' until wanted again - if a pilot engine was standing there it would not be handled properly at present.
17Gen320 Add 'R' superscript to ECT [BN29(N)L 2R ON].
18Gen320 BN Rock to be 13, P3 to be 9.
19GenTab290Up trains at EW routed P4 uncouple.
Solved by marking them as departures (where they continue to Middle) before they reach the end of the platform (where the engine would uncouple).
20SigBox315Rules for acceptance of trains (Regs. 4, 4a and 5) are not quite in line with footnotes as follows:
Reg. 5 authorised for LEs on Down Main/Main platform/Middle.
Reg. 5 allowed on Down Goods (bug).
21SigBox300Add CRC check of data surrounding name and address.
To improve security.
22SigBox292Cancelling clears Perm%() but 323 does not.
Had effect of leaving section 'occupied' after train withdrawn.
Distinguish between wrong route and shunting.
Shunting movements are not permitted beyond EW122, EW117, EW20, KR57.
Departing trains signalled past these signals will give a 'wrong route' error whereas attempted shunt moves should produce a less serious error.
24SigBox292Correctly identify passenger trains passing 10/11 signal.
Although not entering a block section, this still represents a 'wrong route' error.
25Gen291 Up goods track section number wrong.
This had the effect of preventing freights passing EW20 as they were not recognised as departures.
26 At present signal EW20 is regarded in the same way as EW117 and EW122.
Consider treating this as EW4 so that any train may pass (including shunts) but cannot proceed 'off the diagram' until recognised as a departure.
At present freight trains standing at EW20 will cause a 'wrong route' error if EW20 is cleared before its scheduled departure time.
Freights standing in advance of EW20 must then be recognised as ready to depart.
27Gen291 Check all differences in section nos between smooth and diagrammatic.
28SigBox292Redraw of trackwork occasionally displaced.
29SigBox340Redraw of levers occasionally fails.
Effect is to partially redraw or not redraw a lever after clicking on a point or signal on the diagram.
30 Can !Run file ask for font cache to be at least 250k?
31 Failing to ack TES - treat as sloppy until TOS.
32SigBox362Failing to ack TES - resend 2 beats.
33 Add !Licence text to directory.
34 Error 'rev acc lev before ILC' is in both sloppy and reg?
35SigBox300Improve 'Many errors cancel or OK' message.
This error message allows an interpreted BASIC programme to be interrupted at the point of error to examine contents of variables. However the initial error message allows this as well. To be cleaned up, especially for compiled applications.
36 Add signal repeaters, point repeaters, lock indicators.
As there is no physical equipment, indicators have not been provided, and in 'novice' mode points and signals move to show their position.
The primary reason to do this was to show the signals that were automatically replaced to danger.
In due course an indicator will be provided to do this...
37 'Minutes late' display inconsistent?
This is for odd factions of a minute.
38GenTab9CYConsider adding a shunt to/from Down Sidings at EW.
39SigBox208At EW only 1, 81-84, 131 are short levers.
40SigBox313Add '%' to all integer variables.
41SigBox300'Wrong route' error appears in register, suppress after first.
Currently each attempt produces 'Wrong route' which fills the 'description' column, leaving no space for other items.
Running lines that are not track circuited should be grey/orange(goods)/blue(sidings).
At present all are light blue.
43SigBox300Change '70' to 'ew_aa%', kr_aa%, bs_22t%, toBS%, DnBR%, kr_yd% etc.
At present there is a mixture of constants and variables.
44SigBox300'1210 Barn' added to register twice, overflowing 'description' column.
Permissive accounting breaks down when engine hooked off (inevitable) and run round (as engine reintroduced from Middle this could be corrected).
Also stock introduced with 3-3-2 breaks down as 'wrongly described' when departing as a side effect of permissive accounting having affected BC%().
45 5-2 bell code sent both ways without C.A.
Not very easy to cure this one.
46SigBox340Add context sensitive train speeds to KR.
47SigBox289Add context sensitive train speeds to EW.
Restrictions: RiverBridge 25/30, Goods Lines 15, SR 15, P4 10, P1/P3 25.
Linespeed on main lines except passing Up DIstant at caution - 20.
48SigBox26ISuppress green/red/pink T.C. surround colour in all but 'Novice' modes.
49 Add strike-in bell for KR AB TC.
50 City Basin Jcn switching in & out not implemented.
51SigBox300Help text does not explain 'cheat mode' where individual timetable sequences can be manually terminated as 'complete'.
This is done by clicking ADJUST or MENU over the Working Time Table window coloured text additions.
Not available in the 'restricted' version.
52 Permissive block does not yet permit cancelling to be sent as individual trains are withdrawn.
This would require the accounting method to count trains not just items of stock.
At present therefore cancelling is only permitted once the section is empty.
Cancelling is not possible if a train has beEn accepted under line occupied acceptance, but not put on line, even once the section is empty.
53SigBox300Certain error messages are obscure, but are only useful to identify bugs during testing.
These errors will be revised to say 'Please use e-mail to report the following error: 'internal error ff at line gg at time tt' so that it can be fixed.
The offending error messages were poorly described (now included in this Help file).
54 When terminating a simulation sequence (e.g. by closing the main window) this allows a complete restart. All timetable information should be erased at this point to avoid later conflicts.
55 When reopening a box diagram window, all levers and indications should be restored to 'normal'.
56SigBox314Change use of 'LOCAL' to conform to ABC Compiler usage. Ensure that LOCAL ERROR is last item made LOCAL.
57SigBox314Improve CRC checking.
58 Some telephone messages not well formatted.
59SigBox315Accepting a train under Reg. 4A or Reg. 5 gives wrong sound effect.
60SigBox315Help messages that are too long cause a fatal error due to a bug.
61GenTab330Friday timetable: 1310 Waterloo (1632 arr.) - engine runs round but cannot shunt stock clear for 1643 arrival.
Mixing 'engine arrived' and 'line occupied acceptance' confuses simulation.
Solution is to delay departure of engine (seq. 128) until 1646 to Exeter Central has completed.
62GenTab330Seq. 128/129 incorrectly shown as engine off 0910 Waterloo not 1310 Waterloo.
63GenWTT320WTT should include list of shunting:
1231 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P3 for 1253 arrival.
1411 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P3 for 1432 arrival once 1418 dep. clear.
1432 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P3 for 1511 arrival once 1456 dep. clear.
1456 arrives in Gds Sdg. Shunt to P6 once 1710 dep. clear.
1632 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P5 for 1658 arrival.
1632 shunt in P5 to shunt to P4 for 1749 arrival once 1710 dep. (freight) clears.
This means that 1450 arr in P6 and 1643 arr in P4 will probably need to enter an occupied platform.
1234 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P3 for 1301 arrival.
1306 arr in P1 to shunt clear to P6 for 1331 arrival.
1421 arr in P4 to shunt clear to P3 for 1432 arrival.
64 Add more freights to make regulation that bit more challenging!
65Gen330 Make track elements join without black line between them - needs bounding lines to be drawn separately from fill colour.
66SigBox330Ensure that RiscBASIC version is used on Virtual Acorn to conserve memory (i.e. on all versions prior to RISC OS 3.50) and that ABC version runs on Iyonix.
67Gen330 Minor bug in drawing curved points.
68SigBox332Distinguish between interpreted and compiled versions showing 'Int', 'Cru', 'RB' and 'ABC' to show interpreted, crunched interpreted, RISCBasic compiled and ABC compiled respectively.
69SigBox332Cancelling sometimes caused an incorrect train register entry, corrected.
70GenTab332Minor bug in train identification (1305 Exeter SD).
71SigBox335Occasional memory problem on Iyonix appears when drawing complicated mechanical locking. Caused 'abort on data transfer' errors and was finally traced, with the assistance of Castle, to a 'feature' of the ABC compiler where real array elements cannot be used as RETURN parameters.
72SigBox336Minor drawing bug prevents vertical lines in electrical control table being drawn.
73SigBox338Same drawing bug prevents track circuit indications from working.
74SigBox339When accepting a train under reg.5 or reg.4A, sound effects are not quite correct.
Improve mechanical locking display.
76SigBox339Improve help messages on non-track circuited lines.
77 Assisting engine bell code not yet implemented.
78SigBox362Telephone concentrator stops ringing during pause.
79SigBox362Train-on-Line not forced on block instrument once relevant track circuit drops.
80SigBox362Score not updated continuously.
Clock face not perfectly drawn.
81Gen39ZKRadyr Junction (1961) still under development, further information (lever leads) required.
82SigBox394Drawing of track circuits EW1970 HK and EW1959 AH & HK improved (does not affect free version).
83 Track circuits at Morlais Junction not shown on box diagram.
84 Acton Yard - tidy up box diagram and improve detail of colour light signals.
Exeter West platform track section numbers prevent all possible positions being listed - this affects Friday departures 1623 and 1720 which have to be shunted away from platform 6 before they are 'seen'.
86GenTab39ZExeter West Friday departure 1648 (P1) announced as ready before 1646 (P4) causing delay.
87 Subscript out of range error (untraced) at 1815 on Friday service at Exeter West. Not recurred.
88 Draw file for train register has wrong offset when opened in !Draw.
89 Exeter West Friday service can run out of space in the train register!
90 Consider keeping a hidden event/error log in detail for chasing out those last few bugs.
Regulation 4A now applied correctly on Down Main (advance block section should be block normal or Line Clear, not just Line Clear).
Demonstration mode now implemented.
Most (all) track sections at Exeter West are shown as descriptive and not just arbitrary numbers.
WTT for Saturday now has tidier boxes to show minutes late for each train.
Exeter Central 'B' and City Basin Junction are now not both summarised as 'CB'.
Demonstration mode improved, allowing novices to regulate trains without having to understand how to operate the box.
93 Cannot send 'call attention' whilst a wrong road movement is approaching.
94 IBM-compatible version created but boxes may only be used as ground frames so far.
Free vesion 41.Z5 (PC) includes Kidderminster Station, Bewdley North (1956), Exeter West (1963), Morlais Junction and Radyr Junction (1961 and 1987)
Note: Morlais Junction and Radyr Junction mechanical locking included but electrical locking omitted.
Note: Current version is SigBox411 (Acorn), SigBox41Z5 (PC), Gen41Z5, GenDat411, GenWTT411.
Exeter West is a box that can be simulated because:
  1.   all propelling moves are from EW end;
  2.   no shunting movements are initiated towards EW except engines on RR;
  3.   EW decides the route - trains from Middle must use P1 (P3 only for trains to SR);
  4.   Most lines are track circuited.
Bewdley South would satisfy a, b and possibly c only so would not work.
Bewdley North would fail on all counts except d.
Still looking for another box to simulate - needs full dog charts, lever leads, ECT, box instructios, explanation of regular shunting movements, timetable with LE/ECS moves and platforming.

C. K. Hall 29th February 2004.