Development history
DateVersionDevelopments included
May 19941.01Draw levers and simple track diagram.
Spidery screen display and slow redraw.
June 19942.20Bewdley South and Bewdley North.
No iconbar menu
Basic data structure robust.
July 19943.40Generalise data input.
Add Kidderminster.
October 19945.00Click on point/signal now works.
Electric locks and track circuits being added.
March 19958.0zzTrack layout finished.
No moving trains.
November 19952.0pCompiled application.
Sequence of trains
Electric locks and operating track circuits.
May 19962.70GRealistic clock face.
February 19975.00Exeter West added.
May 19979.00Substantially complete.
February 20009.9GImproved interlocking.
Enhanced screen display including platforms and signalbox.
Proper clock display with smooth movement.
Continuously displayed score, adjusted at every error.
Three levels of difficulty 'Novice', 'Moderate' and 'Expert'.
Work around (after a long period of thought) to avoid a RISCBasic bug which introduces 'data abort' errors.
February 200113.0Animated mechanical locking.
Fringe boxes for Rotherwas Junction etc.
Allowance for more track circuit elements (22) and levers (800).
Proposed Bewdley North relocking.
Rotherwas Junction added.
April 200114.7Bugs corrected (5-bar second tray).
Radyr Junction, Acton Yard and Morlais Junction added, plus fringe boxes.
Array dimensions increased to accommodate new boxes.
Lever leads improved.
Mechanical and electrical locking tables improved.
August 200115.1Array dimensions made variable for future changes.
RadyrJn and Exeter West split into earlier and later layouts.
September 200115.4Electrical control table now shows 19(NR)L and 34NR.
Bugs corrected (n_items%).
HTML mechanical locking table produced for external use.
Electrical control table improved (use of nr%; 'ON', 'R' in small caps; approach locking).
Bewdley North relocking corrected.
November 200116.2Selection of period date for Exeter West and Radyr Junction improved.
Bugs fixed (wrong road moves; runaway; simulation start time; approach locking).
WTT display misaligned with text.
Cheat mode added to allow sequences to be aborted.
TRegister now saved as a 'Draw' file.
Maximum number of sequences increased from 88 to 145.
Scale of electrical control table reduced to 50% and content improved.
Bewdley North data improved.
WTT display improved to show data about sequences more clearly.
November 200116.3Train arrived message suppressed at Up Inner Homes.
Ready to depart message suppressed Eastbound from pfms 4,5,6.
Cheat mode (aborting trains) suppressed on saleable versions.
Forces correct leading on WTT display so text lines up correctly.
Exeter West now has a Friday service in place of a Saturday service, with up arrivals adjusted.
December 200118.1Cheat mode corrected to allow for gaps in numbering.
Clock now shows grey when paused.
ForceRedraw now has proper extent values.
Minor errors now counted per hour.
Train register updated on game over.
Train 'ready to depart' limited to down trains.
Electric locks now time out too quickly during pause.
Bugs with Goods Lines corrected.
Window extents now set correctly.
Some bugs with train register entries corrected.
Non-track circuited lines now identified by name on coupling.
Both Friday and Saturday services now available for Exeter West.
February 200218.BAdd 'A' and 'B' to detection in electrical control table
Bug on zoom value corrected (affected app. lkg. indicators).
Electrical control table window added.
Locking tray max. channels increased from 10 to 11.
Bug corrected (large dog charts overwrite memory).
Percent display adding during loading of dog charts.
Third Exeter West version (1970) added.
Passenger trains that pass EW10/11 now flagged as wrong route.
Hourglass display added as application starts up.
Trains don't start until platform starter clears.
Some error messages now treated as dialogue.
Lever lead (adjust click) relocated to top LH corner.
February 200220.0No change, version numbers now aligned.
February 200220.1Help file changed to StrongHelp.
March 200220.8Lever leads improved.
Exeter West 1970 data improved.
Minor data errors corrected.
Last major development of 'free' version.
April 200224.0Box diagram now centralised and boxed.
Exeter West box diagram now drawn using smooth curves in 'full' version.
May 200224.8Bewdley North (1956) data added and included with 'free' version.
Minor data changes.
Menu options now sorted into order.
July 200226.0Improved visibility of track circuits.
Seperate 'lever' and 'diagram' windows that can be zoomed independently.
Automatic scrolling of windows as mouse approaches edge.
Clicking at the edge of a window adjusts its size or zoom.
Lever leads can be more easily read, enlarged in a seperate window.
August 200227.0Train speeds at EW improved.
More responsive and better use of faster processors.
Close window bug corrected, register and WTT can now be reopened.
Line occupied acceptance on up lines.
Icon menu options now shown ticked.
September 200229.2Line occupied acceptance bugs corrected.
Train lengths and speeds adjusted to give correct track occupancy times.
Up trains passing the up distant at caution go more slowly.
Cancelling remains limited to times when the advance block section is clear.
Two additional light engines at start of service at Exeter West on the Friday.
Audible thump as bell codes are sent.
Help messages improved.
October 200230.0CRC check of user details - causes abort if details have been altered.
Error reporting improved.
Permissive accounting bug fixed.
Some constants given names, not just numbers.
'Wrong route' message improved.
Help text over WT improved.
November 200232.0CRC check improved.
Help messages that are too long are now handled tidily.
Reg. 5 acceptance now aligns with footnotes.
All integers are now handled as integers, LOCAL usage amended to conform to ABC compiler limitations and relevant compiler directives added.
Alternative run images (RISCBasic compiled, ABC compiled or crunched interpreted BASIC) provided to allow 32 bit compatability with or without GDraw/DitherExtend functionality.
Non-track circuited running lines now shown in correct colour (grey/orange).
January 200333.5Minor bugs within ABC compiler overcome, 32-bit aware version of !StrongHelp now bundled.
March 200333.9Minor drawing bug prevented vertical lines being shown on the electrical control table and track circuit indications from showing correctly - cured.
Help messages and mechanical locking display improved.
April 200336.0Telephone concentrator and 'ready to depart' annunciator added.
Lever redraw bug corrected.
Context-sensitive train speeds added to Kidderminster.
Help messages for concentrator and ready to depart annuniator added.
Error display improved to indicate line number and Wimp_Poll reason code.
Data file format revised.
Redraw routines for clock and score etc. improved.
Train 'ready to depart' simplified.
April 200336.2Telephone concentrator improved - now rings until answered and 'MENU' shows last message.
Score is now continuously updated and clock display no longer has 'debris' from last time displayed.
Train-on-Line is now correctly forced as the home signal berth track becomes occupied, if train entering section was not acknowledged.
Unnecessary 'train arrived' messages suppressed and 'green' track circuit indication (train ready to depart) now removed.
Minor corrections to help messages and timetable data.
June 200339.1Track circuit drawing improved. Data file format changed to suit.
Radyr Junction and Exeter West (1970) track diagrams improved and corrected.
Radyr Junction (1984 & 1987) added to freeware version.
July 200339.4Radyr Junction 1961 mechanical locking and lever leads improved (still under development).
Buffer size increased.
Exeter West 1970 & 1959 track circuit drawing bugs removed.
November 200341.1Major enhancement to include a demonstration mode for the WTT services at Kidderminster and Exeter West, which operates the full service of trains, bells jangling, filling the train register and making no errors!
February 200441.Z5IBM-compatible PC version implemented but so far only allows boxes to be operated as ground frames.