Purchasing the full version

Sufficient is provided in version 41.AR for a full simulation of both Kidderminster and Exeter West boxes, including a service of timetabled trains with a choice between tables A or B or a Winter service at Kidderminster. At Exeter West a selected sequence of trains from a very busy August 1982 Saturday is provided. These two boxes may also be operated without a train service to explore the locking

New in version 41.AR is a complete demonstration mode for Exeter West and Kidderminster Station. Exeter West is a complicated box and after a short delay, if you do not start pulling levers yourself, then the complete sequence of timetabled trains will proceed completely automatically and without error! Just listen and watch as the bells jangle, the trains move across the diagram and the train register is updated.

Three further boxes are also supplied, Morlais Junction, Radyr Junction (1961, 1984 and 1987) and Bewdley North (1956), with authentic mechanical and electrical locking (no train service).

The full application (currently at version 41.AR) includes a complete set of the timetabled trains for these two boxes, which includes table C and D services for Kidderminster as well as a Gala timetable for the enthusiast. For Exeter West the a full service over 2 hours on a busy Saturday in 1982 is provided as well as a full service over six hours on a busy Friday in 1982.

Note - version 41.AR is a fully functioning simulation, but is supplied with only a partial set of data, as described above.

The full version is available for 25 from the following address:

Please specify whether you require the Archimedes or IBM-PC compatible version. 3, Rockleaze Court, Sneyd Park, Bristol, BS9 1NN.

Cheques should be made payable to C.K.Hall. No credit/switch cards accepted.

The programme to create version 41.AR comprises the following elements:

The simulation programme itself (supplied in compiled form):SigBox41AR 10004 lines of BASIC
the programme that assembles the data:Gen41AR25411 lines of BASIC
the data for train sequences:GenDat4115997 lines of BASIC
a utility to generate Draw files:MakeDraw646 lines of BASIC
Total is an impressive 42058 lines of BASIC!