Operating the levers

Clicking with SELECT over a lever will operate the lever, if it is mechanically free to move and the electric lock plunger (where fitted) has been clicked on to release the electric lock. This is an exact simulation of a real signalbox.

To make it easier the lever will also operate (if it is free to do so) by clicking with SELECT over the relevant point or signal on the track diagram.

If an attempt is made to move a lever that is mechanically locked, or to operate an electric lock plunger that is not free to operate, then an error message is generated, the error message is helpful indicating (one of) the reasons why the lever is locked.

A context-sensitive help message is generated if the mouse pointer is over a lever or electric lock plunger which also indicates whether the lever is free to operate. The lever lead - a brass plate giving the lever number, its function and the pulling sequence - is only shown where the lever dislay is large enough to accommodate it. The text can be more easily read by clicking ADJUST over the lever which causes a larger version to appear in a seperate window.