Watching the track diagram

When the box is being operated as a ground frame (i.e. with no sequence of timetabled trains), then the individual track circuits may be switched from 'occupied' to 'free' by clicking over them.

During a sequence of timetabled trains, the track circuits will be lit whilst they are being occupied by a train or vehicles. As trains move from track circuit to track circuit, the lamps light and extinguish on the track diagram and an image of the train moves across the diagram. A right-mouse click over an occupied piece of track (whether a track-circuited or not) pops up a menu to allow uncoupling or to change their direction of movement. Selecting 'Reverse' will change the direction of movement of the items coupled together (if there is no engine, just vehicles, this would do nothing). Selecting 'Uncouple X from Y' will cause it to uncouple (except where the train is still on its journey from or to the remote signalbox). If a train moves onto a section of line where another train is standing, then they will couple together (except where one is still on its journey, in which they will just buffer-up).

Simulation speed can be adjusted at any point and either Kidderminster Station (SVR) or Exeter West can be chosen as the subject of the simulation.