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Links to other railway web sites

SVR Co. The official S.V.R. web site giving details of timetable, special events etc.
SVR Net The 'official' unofficial S.V.R. web site
Signal Box Comprehensive site covering British railway signalling practice with emphasis on semaphore signalling.
Bell sounds A site dedicated to the investigation of the sound and tuning of church bells.
TillyWeb A close inspection of signal boxes and level crossings.
BBC BASIC A wonderful programming environment for Windows.
iRail Railway Search Engine iRail Railway Search Engine.
Kidd. Rly. Museum Kidderminster Railway Museum
Telecomms site S.V.R. Telecomms site
Exeter West The Exeter West project: how the box was restored to use at Crewe.
C.A.M.R.A. No S&T site would be complete without the mention of real ale.
RailWest Links to many other railway sites.
SRS The Signalling Record Society (until recently details of how to join were a closely guarded secret).