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Software for download

This part of the site is not directly linked to signalling, but includes a software simulation of a signalbox (which will run under Windows as an application created using Richard Russell's BBCBASIC for Windows).

Other utilities for BBCBASIC for Windows and for RISC-OS are also available - to find out more select one of the items below.
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What is available?

A software simulation of a signalbox - select from Kidderminster Station (S.V.R.) or Exeter West for which a full timetable simulation is available - or other S.V.R. and B.R. boxes which may be operated as a ground frame. Different versions are available for Windows, RISC-OS or for Virtual RiscPC (an application which creates a RISC-OS environment on a Windows PC). Version 42.92.

A library utility for BBCBASIC for Windows which allows creation and display of Acorn '!Draw' format files.

MultiTask is a utility that sits on the icon bar and facilitates the development of simple BASIC programmes. Drag a BASIC file onto the icon and a task window opens up with the programme loaded into BASIC and the 'CSD' set to the source directory. Open a window to examine contents of data files and to set the file type of files with a simple drag or mouse click. Version 7.70.

A family tree generator. Version 1.58.

The 'MakeDraw' application for RISC-OS which allows !Draw format files to be created from BASIC. Version 2.82.

A disc cataloguing application for RISC-OS. Version 0.30.

The CountDn numbers game for RISC-OS. Version 0.24.

A document display utility for RISC-OS. Version 0.18.

A fruit machine game for RISC-OS. Version 9.10.

A simulation of the Underground which allows a virtual attempt on the Guiness record using a November 1989 timetable. Version 25Q.

A A driver to control a PaPiRus Zero display with a 2" screen. Requires the PiSPI module. Version 2.00.

A Fan contrtol application for RISC-OS. Version 1.06.

A GPS application for RISC-OS. Version 2.60.

A screen information utility for RISC-OS. Version 1.74.

Help to update your Raspberry Pi firmware for RISC-OS. Versions 3, 4, 5L, 8H, 9H, 10, 12 and 14.

An arcane programme to trace signal box diagrams for RISC-OS. Version 9.00.