RISC OS S.V.R. S&T Department RISC OS
http://www.svrsig.org/ software/SigBoxDoc.htm


  1. Introduction
  2. Copyright notice
  3. Installing and running
  4. Purchasing the full version
  5. What happens in a signalbox?
  6. Novice: How to Get Started
  7. Operating the levers
  8. Using the block bells
  9. Watching the track diagram
  10. Mechanical locking
  11. How long is the shift?
  12. What does the score mean?
  13. Signalling Regulations
  14. Local Instructions ('footnotes')
  15. Brief history of changes at Exeter West
  16. Development History
  17. Summary of error messages
  18. Further enhancements
  19. Technical Documentation
    This help file is version 41.AR and was last updated on 12th May 2004.